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About The Moyer Family

Our names are Glen and Rose Moyer and we are the owners of this lovely property we call Lotus Springs. We purchased this property on January 13, 2011. Since 2017, we had been talking a lot about our beautiful pre-Civil War bank barn and converting this barn into a special events venue. Our dreams have come to fruition as of late, and we have completed a very extensive renovation journey. 


The Barn

As you travel through rural Pennsylvania countryside, one notices that there are many barns that are deteriorating, potential being lost when those barns completely collapse. The German settlers that came to the surrounding areas did not intend for these barns to be destroyed by the hands of time. I, Rose, thought that our barn had so many stories to tell, as it is very historic and I wanted to share it with our community. Our barn has 3 hay ladders and tons of hand-hew beams. Bank barns have an upper and lower level, the lower level housing live-stock, the upper-level housing hay and equipment. Lotus Springs' barn has both of these levels still intact and in superb condition. Through turning our barn into a special events venue, I hope you and your guests see how much love and care, let alone history, is in our barn. 

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